Sofar Sounds Presents a Show on Our Deck

Thursday May 28, Sofar Sounds will be presenting a secret house show. So secret, that we don’t even know who is playing!
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Here is a sample of different kinds of shows you can expect from Sofar Sounds.


Mind Of A Snail and Emily Rose Nyberg Afternoon Puppet Show

Small Room Series is partnering up with Parker House Productions to bring you a special afternoon of shadow puppetry and live music.

Saturday November 29
1715 Parker Street
3pm to 9 pm
Free and all ages

Mind of a Snail
Shadows and Sound: Inside Outlet
Emily Rose Nyberg

Unfortunately the space is not accessible and there are 20 wide stairs at the entrance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Mind Of A Snail Show
Brought to you by Vancouver Foundation’s Small Grants Program.

Small Room Series and Sad Mag Present Howl


This show was the first show for Small Room Series, a performance series that explores small space performance sites. It was a Sunday afternoon Haunted Hearts Showcase made complete with yummy cheesecake and treats made by Reassemble and delicious drinks made by Done and Done. Jenny Ritter brought a full band and Hannah Epperson told dirty jokes.

Performances by – Andrew Hewins, Jenny Ritter, David Newberry, Hannah Epperson, Sean Ramsay and Laura & Andrew from Rococode

Birthday Dark Breakfast


This show was on my birthday and there were two giant cakes and tons of yummy soups and baked mac n cheese. Mandy from Artbank ran the bar and we all had a big blades and dance party in the kitchen. Joyce Collingwood played along with Koban and Zoo. Animal Bodies couldn’t make the show, so Koban kindly filled in for them last minute.

Performances by Zoo, Koban and Joyce Collingwood

Timmy Straw and Poet Derrick Brown

timmy straw show

This was one of my all time favorite performances in the living room. Timmy Straw and Derrick Brown were working on a poetry/dance/music collaboration piece called “Strange Light” with Noord Nederlandse Dans company for the Chutzpah! Festival. The entire dance company was in the living room and Derrick joined Timmy for a special guest appearence. This was also Jermaine Purgeda’s first Vancouver performance.

Performances by Jermaine Purgeda and Timmy Straw, with special guest poet Derrick Brown

Willow Rutherford and Chris-a-riffic Play For 8 People

Willow Rutherford show size copy

For whatever reason, nobody showed up to this show except for the artists and 2 friends. But it was one of the best shows ever and Marta, Chris-a-riffic and Willow Rutherford (Toronto) plays songs in the round. Chris-a-riffic is one of my favorite local performers and Willow Rutherford finished the night with a song for Marta, “Babies Keep Popping Out”.

Performances by Willow Rutherford and Chris-a-riffic

Winnipeg Artist Suss First Tour West

Suss House Show

This was Suss’s first time out on tour and it was a super fun show. Dana Oikawa (owner of Kranky Cafe) brought her crew out for some tunes and Sarah Sangster, freshly back from her Germany tour, performed her solo material (album out in 2013!). Drawn Ship makes me cry everytime they play their Richard Buckner cover.

Performances by Dana Oikawa, Sarah Sangster, Suss and Drawn Ship

First Parker House Sunday Afternoon Show with the White Piano

Parker Place House Show

This show started off with some classical music, and spent the day enjoying many different sets. This was Liz’s first performance, and she had always wanted to play a show. She was great! Unfortunatly, the Wind Whistles missed this show because Liza was in a bike accident the night before

Performances by Liz Plays Chopin, Wintermitts, Sitar Matt, Sarah Sangster, Chris-a-riffic, The Abramson Singers and Chris Smith